odes to earth and air

Odes to Earth and Air

Chamber Opera for Mezzo –Soprano, Baritone, Piano and Mixed Media

Libretto: Daniel Neer

Music: Sidney Marquez Boquiren


Odes to Earth and Air is a multi-media chamber opera focusing on the tumultuous relationship of 19th century sculptor Camille Claudel and her brother, the author and diplomat Paul Claudel. Combining chamber opera (mezzo soprano and tenor) with film media, it presents an imagined dialogue between the iconic Claudel siblings, whose soulful and reflective diatribe on their lives are skillfully reflected in an accompanying narrative of film images. Odes to Earth and Air attempts to deconstruct the driving motivation of two powerful cultural and intellectual giants who helped catapult the Symbolist movement of art and literature in early 20th century Paris, and explores the factors of gender, religion, politics and family relations in their artistic endeavors and quest for personal fulfillment.


Performance History

October 16, 2010

World Premiere

Adelphi University Performing Arts Center

Abigail Fischer (mezzo-soprano), Daniel Neer (baritone)

Adam Nielsen (piano), Ted Gorodetzky (director and visual media artist)