Song Set for Voice and Piano

Poetry: Daniel Neer

Music: Ellen Mandel


HAIKU NYC is a series of twelve autobiographical snapshots of a performer’s life in New York City. Each vignette depicts rare episodes of solitude in the midst of the urban landscape, capturing moments of clarity that are at times romantic, cathartic and bittersweet.

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Performance History

September 16, 2014

World Premiere of Complete Haiku-NYC

Two Sides Sounding | BEAT Festival

Brooklyn Historical Society

Daniel Neer (baritone), Mila Henry (piano)


April 12, 2014

Poetry in Song (ten Haiku)

Adventures in Literature and Music

Roeliff-Jansen Community Library, Hillsdale NY

Daniel Neer (baritone), Ellen Mandel (piano)


January 31, 2013

Pianos Plus Music Series (six Haiku)

New Gallery Concert Series, Boston MA

Daniel Neer (baritone), Ellen Mandel (piano)


May 13, 2013

Mandel and Neer Performance (eight Haiku)

Cornelia Street Café, NYC

Daniel Neer (baritone), Ellen Mandel (piano)


February 24, 2013

Premiere Performance of five completed Haiku

Andrea Clearfield Salon, Philadelphia PA

Daniel Neer (baritone), Ellen Mandel (piano)