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“Strauss’s comic spirit was triumphantly embodied in Daniel Neer’s Eisenstein. Neer is an accomplished comic actor and singer, whose infectious charm gives sparkle to every scene in which he appears.” [full review]    – Cleveland Classical


“…it is Daniel Neer as Prince Basil who steals the show whenever he comes on. Usually on the verge of near hysteria about being in love, Neer has a whole trunkful of perfectly timed gestures and expressions, accompanied by a wide-ranging voice that keeps the audience in stitches.”     – The Alliance Review


“..the outstanding Daniel Neer commanded high praise, his strong, distinctive baritone comfortably combining with graceful, inventive acting and comic timing…”     – Opera News


“Rarely have I seen such an “over-the-top” performance as that of Daniel Neer as Thespis. The man was absolutely manic with energy; chewing the scenery, clawing the air, all stops out. It was a stunning performance that amazed all, exhausting with laughter.”     – Opera Magazine


“Daniel Neer creates a flamboyant character prone to overdoing every inflection, something of a cross between Dom DeLuise and Steve Martin.”     – The Cleveland Plain Dealer


“Dominating the stage with a flick of a raised eye-brow or a supercilious sneer, the mulit-talented Daniel Neer made the wily Smith/Simplicitas into a comic masterpiece…he was also impressive with his healthy, bright baritone.”     – Opera Magazine


“Daniel Neer here shows formidable gifts as a comic. His performance almost goes over the top, blending bits of Frank Morgan and Rip Taylor with Nathan Lane – style antics, but he is a high energy delight.”     – The Clevaland Plain Dealer


“Daniel Neer, singing a blustery Cellini, easily caught the artist’s pride in his art and, with a fine touch of comedy, Cellini’s self importance. For the serious, romantic side of the character, Neer warmed up his bright, strong baritone with telling effect.”     – The American Record Guide


“Daniel Neer, who plays the prissy and pompous valet to the prince, only gets better as the night moves along…a virtuoso high-camp performance.”     – Akron Beacon Journal


“Daniel Neer plays Carl Linden with matinee-idol authority. Neer’s baritone is free and open, superbly suited to the music’s romance.”     – The Cleveland Plain Dealer


“As the warrior smitten with chocolate, Daniel Neer drop quips with delightful nonchalance and fulfills the music’s rich demands. His light touch at key moments helps keep the proceedings on their exuberant forward course.”     – The Cleveland Plain Dealer


“Daniel Neer stole the show with a boldly sung Lt. Bumerli, as charming and heroic a chocolate soldier as one could wish.”     – Opera Magazine